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Oluchi Onweagba

We want to dedicate this post to greeting you and letting you know that we are excited about our new fashion and beauty TV and are working hard to build it into a real source of good information for you.


Nigeria has so much to offer the fashion industry, from textiles to arts and designs, to models and designers.




We have supplied the international fashion community with super models like Oluchi Onweagba, fashion designers such as Duro Oluwu, and top makeup artists like Joy Adenuga and many more fashion and beauty talents so it’s no surprise that fashion feels very much at home in Nigeria.

Duro Olowu
Joy Adenuga

In the olden days beadwork, makeup and textile designs dominated much of the beauty culture and continues to do so even today in many parts of Nigeria that are not well known or recognised by the mainstream. And this truth needs to be celebrated, and indeed broadcasted with it’s very own fashion television.