Ankara fabric is such a beautiful and versatile fabric made of 100% Cotton used by Nigerian Culture.

ankara fabric-why we love it

Ankara Fabric Origin

The story of this wonderful fabric started 400 years ago, when the Dutch learned about the technique used in Java by Indonesians called batike. This hand-dyeing technique of producing coloured designs on textile, and using wax to work as a repellent to cover parts of a design. The Dutch used batike as an inspiration to start a new product seen today, which in Nigeria is called Ankara.

As the popularity of the fabrics grew in West Africa, so did the export opportunities for the Dutch. Ghana was one of the first highly consumers of the Dutch batike. During the 16th century the Netherlands were dependent of the African traders as they were demanding fabrics with premium quality, richer colours, and wearable on warm climates.

It grew in popularity

The quality and prices of Ankara fabric varies according to the thickness and finish of the fabric, for example the wax Hollandaise is compared to the Rolls Royce of fabrics, the prices can vary from $34 to $171 per 6 yards.

Ankara fabrics are so diverse in such ways they actually provide information about the wearer’s tribal origin, age, social standing, and social status.

In the last couple of years the Ankara fabric has been warn by celebrities such as Gwen Stefani, Eva Marcille, Beyoncé, Rihanna, the first lady Michele Obama. Prestigious designers such as Burberry Spring/Summer collections 2012 used Ankara, and since then the use of this fabric as become more acceptable and now used worldwide.

What makes Ankara fabric so beneficial?

Ankara Fabric is a versatile fabric

Ankara is a versatile fabric that matches your imagination when it comes to create clothing, accessories such as bags, belts, hairbands, earrings, bracelets, shoes, men suits or basics, and much more, the list goes on and on. It’s made of 100% cotton, which allows your skin to breath in warm weather.

It is affordable

It is affordable; it can be used for everyday wear or special occasions.

Many options to choose from

There are many types of Ankara fabric to choose from and the categories makes it easy to work with a budget or a style idea when buying the fabric.

Categories of Ankara Fabric:

  • Super Wax
  • Wax Hollandaise
  • Java
  • Java Vintage
  • Dutch Wax
  • Premium Dutch Wax

Ankara fabric is an inspiring fabric worth purchasing due to it’s flexibility, and uniqueness in texture, designs, and quality. The prints can be named after personalities, cities, buildings, sayings and occasions or anything else that inspires you. Any piece made with this wonderful fabric is a story that is revealed to all but only few will understand it’s beauty!