Engagement ring isn’t solely defined by how much it cost. It’s all about the 5 factors when choosing an engagement ring. Ofcourse this post assumes you get to be involved in choosing the ring. It’s no use if you’re kept in the dark during the selection process, unless you can get him to read this. If the rest of this post makes complete sense to you then feel free to send it to him by email using the send as email button.

It has to be said that men generally do feel a sense of apprehension and sometimes even fear when they begin the journey of finding an engagement ring for their yours truly. And this is where the problem starts because he may end up buying into the lie that it’s the price that matters the most when in reality this is far from the truth. Everything to do with your engagement ring is a matter of love and worth.


Positioning ourselves with an appreciation of individuality let’s take a look at the 5 factors that has helped millions of brides over the years to own the most beautiful engagement rings. And we’re not just stopping at the ladies in Nigeria, we’ll be  judging by the international standard.

1. Style and Taste

  • Do you have a particular fashion style that needs considering? Some women are quite put off by certain colours and shapes so stir towards the sort of things in a jewellery that inspire and cheer you up. For example I know some women who can’t stand pink and yet there are many who won’t let a week go by without throwing on sometime pink.
  • Practicality affects your style even when you don’t mean for it to. You’ll find that a lot of nurses for example will wear flat shoes most of the time even when their not working, just because they have grown accustomed to flats. In choosing your diamond ring go for something that works with your lifestyle because in the end you want to wear your ring comfortably each day without feeling the need to take it off at work or in the home.
  • If your budget allows for purchasing a diamond ring from your favourite fashion house or Jewery brand then definitely go for it.

2. The Diamond Cut 

The quality of the cut is determined by how perfectly the diamond is cut.  

The sparkle is in the cut as this characteristic determines the brilliance of the diamond on light reflection. So though the clarity and colour grade may be the best, a terribly cut diamond results in a low quality diamond.

needs to be exclusive to be fashionable. I am no longer concerned with sensation and innovation, but with the perfection of my style.

3. The Diamond Carat

The carat of your diamond engagement ring is the weight of the carat.


4. Clarity of the Diamond

This is how clear and how less imperfect the diamond is. The more