When talking about the classic man in the music industry, Jidenna comes to mind. The Rap and R&B Singer with an eclectic style, stands out with his fresh looks, beauty and intelligence. His personality is very charming, and he takes advantage of his American and Nigerian heritage to another level. He’s father was a chief from an Igbo tribe.

“A mans presentation is an extension of itself”

Jidenna studied sound engineering, and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree. Before starting the singer career Jidenna was a teacher, after joining Janelle Monáe Wandaland Record label around 2012, he released his first album “Classic Man” in 2015.

Jidenna hard work led him to be awarded best New Artist at Soul Train Awards and also nominated for Best Rap/Sung Collaboration at the 58th Grammy Awards.

Jidenna’s ambition is to inspire the new generation to be unique with music and fashion. He described is sound as “Swank” elegant Hip Pop, “Swank is classy and funky”.

The evolution of Hip Pop now allowed him to embrace melody because according to Jidenna we are in a melodic era, and this opens opportunity to create new genres. He’s a trendsetter, an artist with vision.

Jidenna’s journey as an artist has always being influenced by his surroundings. What makes his style unique is the character and the passion for tailoring. Looking exceptional is a must. Jidenna always wanted to have a suit that fitted him rather than trying to fit in socially; a strong message to individualism. Before being famous Jidenna used to buy second hand suits and have them fitted or customised to his own taste.

“ A great tailor is similar to a great personal trainer, cutting into the natural physique of ones body”.

According to Jidenna his style has been inspired firstly by his father, which always wear a suit and a cane later on at university by the Harlem Renaissance movement letter. The Harlem Renaissance was a movement around the 1920s/30s that opened opportunities for African-American Artists express their individualism with Art not politic views. The exceptional classic three piece suit worn by these artists, strongly reflects on Jidenna’s style.

Jidenna takes his style seriously and have fun with it, the choice of three piece suit is very flexible because it can be mixed with other looks and still pull the classic or eclectic style for day and evening. He uses the service of the local tailor Joseph Hinton

Jidenna qualities go beyond his talent as an artist, his intention it’s to empower the communities, he uses the local barber shop and tailor because he believes in integrity, quality and value service. Jidenna’s style is affecting numerous people to want to look and be better and he’s taking advantage of his position within the music industry to accomplish that. His style is not really an encouragement or a suggestion to wear suits, yet a symbol to inspire individuals finding something unique about themselves, that’s the essence of what he’s doing.

Jidenna wardrobe secrets.


The tailored three piece suits are a must for Jidenna. The tailored suit is an uniform that transfers is views and creativity.


The jewellery is something he cares to put allot of it on mainly because the kids love it, yet at present he used less but enough to get the attention he desires.

Walking stick

The walking stick is a way to just keep what he needs for the day am also he carries the walking stick to honour his father, which has passed away a few years ago.

Jidennas strongly refers back to the importance and influence of his parents teachings and support in life. Every lesson they passed onto him as made the man he is and about to become.