Beautiful Eyebrows in minutes


Get beautiful eyebrows in as little as 10 minutes without compromising on what you already have, meaning, you don’t have to be afraid of losing more eyebrows if you have that problem.

Your eyebrows frame you face

Step 1: Prep your skin. Start with a clean face, clean your eyebrows to ensure smooth and seamless application.

Step 2: Brush eyebrows. Brush your brows towards the natural direction of hair growth.

Step 3: Use eyebrow razor to shape your eyebrows. You are bot changing the shape of your eyebrows here, just cleaning the area around the eyebrows. This is so you can catch those flyaway random hair growth that seem to behave weirdly with a mind of their own. Anyone who has those knows exactly what I mean. Be sure to get those unibrow too! (A unibrow or monobrow is when the eyebrows extend outwards towards the centre bridge of the nose so that both eyebrows meet).

Step 4: Fill in eyebrow with the right colour: Starting at the end of your eyebrow tail, begin to fill in the eyebrows with your favourite eyebrow pencil preferably in dark brown. Here you can opt to use a brow power or gel of your choice if you are not a great fan of pencil.

Never draw a line on your eyebrows as a way to fill in your brows; always use brush strokes

Exercise great patience and brush in  little light strokes repeatedly until you’ve filled in your brows. Work it like an artist and give it time. If you have 5 minutes to do your eyebrows spend 3mins of that on this part – Yes it’s that important! This is the most important part. This is that part that determines how natural the end result will be. And the second most important is covered in steps 6 and 7.

Step 5: Use your eyebrow brush to brush your brows again, to blend in the colour you’ve just filled in.

Step 6: Apply your concealer below and above your eyebrows carefully applying with a concealer brush along the natural curve of the eyebrow, making sure not to get product on the eyebrows themselves. So, ever so gently just go along the eyebrows above, and then below.

For more dramatic effect use a concealer two shades lighter than your normal skin tone, and only a shade light than your skin tone for a raised natural look. I prefer to use my index finger rather than a brush so feel free to use your clean finger. I find I have more control, plus my finished result is softer and more natural. Whereas with a  brush you have to rework and rework to get the desired natural look and avoid it looking harsh.

I prefer to use my index finger to apply concealer above my eyebrows

Step 7: Using your eyebrow brush, carefully brush out eyebrows to blend harsh edges making sure the concealer is blended well with the natural outline of your eyebrow. When brushing, again, maintain the natural direction of your eyebrows as closely as possible  whilst still keeping an upward stroke towards the arch then a downward stroke after the arch.

Avoid brushing the product onto your eyebrows thereby discolouring the eyebrows and ruining all that prior hard work. The more you can avoid this, the cleaner your end result will look.

Step 8: For a flawless result. Make sure your products are well blended in to form a seamless natural complement to your eyebrows. When you’re done, there should not be any break from where the product ends to where your eyebrow begins. It should be a complete flawless finished look without harsh edges.

Step 9: Don’t be fooled into 100% match. If both eyebrows are not identical don’t try to match them 100% but do make an effort to pair them as closely as nature will permit. So for example if one arch is high than the other, shape off some brows to match the other if this seems more natural, otherwise leave it alone and use your product to fill in arch extension. Having a 98% match is more natural than 100% percent as no pair of eyebrows look 100% exact in the real world.

Remember your two eyebrows are sisters, not twins

Step 10: Finish by setting your eyebrows with a clear or tinted eyebrow mascara.

For the perfect eyebrows you need to have the right tools. In fact this is one of the keys to achieving beautiful eyebrows.

Tools we recommend:

NYX Eyebrow Gel – (only use small amount of this product – small goes a long way)

Mac Brow finisher

Motives Cosmetics Concealer in brown

Anastasia Bevely Hills Dip Brow in dark brown

Eyebrow Pencil in dark brown