Ankara Jumpsuit Styles Ready or Not

Ankara Jumpsuit styles are not my number one fashion style though jumpsuit in general is at the top of my style list, however I do like Ankara Jumpsuits. In fact I don’t own one. I have lots of jumpsuits but no Ankara jumpsuit. I plan to design and make one for summer though. I know for many of you it’s a most, because you love it! During my research for this article I found a few styles that I really like. I want to spend the rest of this article discussing what I like about those Ankara Jumpsuits and also give you a few tips on what to look out for when getting ankara jumpsuit styles for your wardrobe this summer.

Ankara Jumpsuit Styles to inspire you

I noticed that the Ankara Jumpsuit styles that made it to the top of the list for me tended to be classic in style, and nearly always were belted. Take for instance this one below:


Ankara Jumpsuit style
Credit: Madivas

The look is complete with a lovely gold belt, and please note the size of the belt – very important! Try to avoid big belts when belting up your ankara jumpsuit. Take a look at my 5 best hacks for ankara jumpsuit style and 5 worst to see an example of a style with a large belt.

How about bright colours for Ankara jumpsuit

There’s nothing to be afraid of if you want bright coloured outfit for your Ankara jumpsuit. However as these two images below demonstrate, it’s better to keep the patterns of the ankara design small or narrow prints.

Ankara jumpsuit style
Credit: Sirkenayo (Adaeze Yobu)

And here we have a bold yellow Ankara Jumpsuit worn with a pair of white heels:

Ankara jumpsuit style
Credit: Fashion and lifestyle Blog

I do think the yellow jumpsuit above wins in this outside partly because of choice of accessories – white high heel sandals in this case. So when you’re planning to wear a bold coloured ankara jumpsuit bear in mind that your accessories play a big part in particular bright patterned ankara jumpsuits.

What about the Shape of your Ankara Jumpsuit?

There is quite a list to choose from, I mean we have:

  • Pencil shaped ankara jumpsuit
  • Wide legged ankara jumpsuit
  • Cropped ankara jumpsuit
  • Ankle length ankara jumpsuit
  • Floor length ankara jumpsuit
  • Straight legged ankara jumpsuit
  • Tapered ankara jumpsuit
  • Baggie ankara jumpsuit
  • Aladdin patiala bottom style

And so on it goes. My advise is to opt for skinny, that is pencil shaped ankara jumpsuit style, or the straight cut if you want to achieve a classic look.

For an elegant look you could always opt for one that shows off your shoulders whist still keeping your chest area covered….er…I believe we have a name for that, oh yes, halter neck style neckline. Here’s an example:

And can I please share this next image with you, it’s one of my favourite finds. So here goes:

Ankara jumpsuit styles in green
Credit: Beautiful Nigeria

I just love it! It’s pencilled, it’s neck plunged, and it’s the most beautiful high waist cut.

There are many more we can say about Ankara jumpsuits especially as we get ready for spring, then summer. I hope you’ve found this article very helpful and somewhat fun. Please leave your comments and feedback in the comment box below. I would like to hear from you.