Ankara fashion 2017 is going to be big

Ankara fashion 2017? Why? You may ask. Well, we think ankara styles will really dominate the fashion trends much more this year than ever before. It will be the choice of outfit for a lot of women, both Nigerian, other Africans, and those living in the West.

I’m aware I’m writing this early February but this article is not about Valentines day ankara fashion and outfit, but in anticipation of Valentines day I thought ooh let’s do a quick run of who’s wearing what in the fashion world of Ankara and African print. Because as I’ve already indicated 2017 will see Ankara styles dominate the fashion platform.

Take a look at these styles

  1. This sea blue dress really shows the creativity that is often associated with african print dress. In Nigeria the dress makers would really go to town with their creative skills in designing intricate pleats and cuts. I have to say it’s a pleasure to see this dress worn with matching hair scarf and white heels. It doesn’t get more chic than this and it would definitely win a Ankara Fashion 2017 Design Contest.

Great match with ankara fashion and style
Zara clothing

Clearly it’s a summer design, however you could wear it during the winter time with a beautiful beige cape. Beige lets the dress stand out in it’s beautiful whilst also complementing the overall outfit by picking out the little tones of brown and beige in the dress.

If you’re going to opt for a cape you want one that has a semi-circular shape, that is one that flares out like this one from Zara, because the outfit has some gather.



How about this gorgeous number – Fish tail Ankara Fashion and Style

With a most generous fish tail, this design is always a favourite in ankara fashion and style. It certainly flatters the feminine figure we are blessed with, so why not. But I particularly like the way the black high waisted band is brings the lady’s beautiful figure to your attention. The dress is easy on the eyes, mainly because of this clever design of using the black piece.

Ankara fashion 2017

Can you wear this in Winter?

Ankara fashion 2017 has to include the winter seasons. And with this dress you have plenty of options for coats, because the African print has an interesting colour pattern you can work with, as well as the black colour. So truly you’re spoilt for choice in terms of Ankara fashion 2017 and ankara styles as fashion statement through out the year.


Ankara fashion 2017

The article we published recently called Why We love Ankara so Much! comes to mind. This dress reminds me of that article because when you talk about Ankara fashion 2017 you can’t help but imagine feminine look. Chic…yes, retro…yes, but certainly womanly. And that’s what this outfit reminds me of.

Don’t be afraid to use a thin belt with this style of dress.


How about Trousers?

Trousers and jumpsuits are great in african print material and certainly make great addition to ankara fashion 2017, particularly when the design works for summer and chiller temperatures. Take a look at this style below and tell me Ankara is not made for stunners like this.

Pocket this one!

If you’re going to wear a style like this, sounds basic but, be sure to get ones with pockets. Pockets are understated design elements in clothes but you’ve seen how putting your hands in pockets can instantly elevate your look and style.

Ankara fashion 2017

If you’ve enjoyed reading this article I’d like to know your thoughts on Ankara fashion 2017 and ankara styles. Please leave your comments below. And send us some pictures of how you wear yours.