Winter is nearly here and the tights are slowly invading our accessories. But is there room for tights in our beloved Ankara outfits, or is the African print always and forever be a summer hot climate fashion?

In this article I’m going to explore the role of tights and stockings in a Nigerian woman’s wardrobe…that is the Nigeria woman who wears African style fashion.

The first thing you think about apart from your Ankara African print outfit is what shoes am  I going to wear…if any. I mean you could opt for boots, it is cold outside after all. In this discussion lets assume you’ve sorted the footwear out and you know the perfect shoes to wear, your only concern is which tights because it’s cold outside.

A Black pair of thick denier opaque tights is always the safe option but you need to know what you’re doing if you want your final look to be stunning.

In the photo below you can see how Louisa has completed her Red and Mustard floral Ankara dress with black tights and black top. The black tights elongates her legs because it picks up the subtle black tones in the dress and then extends into black pair of high heels, for an easy going sophisticated look.


Black thick tights worn with red and mustard floral African print Ankara dress. Image Credit: La Passion Voutee

Ankara Casual, Here’s how to…

African print casual winter look requires a bit of your imagination in order to pull the ankara summer fabric which is mostly a cotton material, into a winter wardrobe. Cynthia’s denim shirt with Ankara African print skirt is perfectly sweet and causal yet highlighting the ethnic undertone in her outfit. Navy blue tights are one of my favourite choice of colour for tights, and I’m not sure it isn’t because of my school uniform. We had to wear thick navy blue tights with…oh dear…wait for it…black flat shoes! Hideous! But as life would have it now I just love navy blue tights, and i particular love the way Cynthia has paired hers up with different tones of blues including African print, what looks to me, electric blue.


Image Credit:

When wearing a bright coloured Ankara print dress, you may find that a pair of tights just as bright coloured give a more fashionable and stylish look.


Image Credit: Milly Styles

Ok here’s a few quick tips:

1.Let the length of your dress also be a guiding factor in choosing the type of tights to wear.

2. To keep warm go for 30, 40 or higher denier, these are opaque. And 5 denier up to 40 denier is light and usually transparent so these are great for milder temperatures.

3. Choose Shiny or Glossy tights for African print dress made for special occasion.

4. For African print dress that has shiny embellishments and decorations, go for slight sheen pair of tights.

5. Use clear nail varnish for a quick fix if you suddenly find your tights are torn just in the very last minute and you haven’t got a spare pair. Brush the nail varnish directly onto the ripped part of your tights and they’ll keep from further laddering.