Every one is wearing the beloved African print on television as fashion designers create their most mainstream collections.  Ankara or African print fashion has made a few recent appearances on British televisions programs targeting mainstream home owners and politically inclined audience.

Most fashion designers will tell you that when their design their collection there is usually a person in mind who is most suited to wear the collection. Sometimes it’s even narrowed down to a particular type of person with a particular kind of personality. To see television presenters wearing African print clothes is an observation that suggests designers may be taking the African print more seriously. And isn’t that just about time!


Designers are celebrating African prints in their collections with confidence! And television presenters are flaunting the prints with style.

When we Nigerian fashion lovers see British TV presenters wearing the beloved African prints Ankara textiles it can only mean one thing – It’s a print celebrated internationally and can be worn in all seasons as can be seen here.


Styling African Print Dress with Winter Accessories

Most sleeved African print style dresses can be worn in winter with a coat and a warm scarf to accessorise the look. It’s the choice of colour and weight of accessory that really makes the difference between a great stylish look and a quick anything-goes-throw-on look. African print dresses tend to have bold prints either in bright colours or darker shades, and it’s the shapes of the prints that cautions one to choose colours wisely. Kristie Allsopp looks smart and stylish in this African print Ankara dress on a typical rainy English weather day, as she’s accessorised her dress with tan colour pashmina scarf and tan colour trench coat. She looks understatedly chic and fresh.


A great stylish look

African print Tie designs for Men’s accessories

African print has also been spotted in British mainstream news when Jon Snow is seen wearing a beautiful Babatunde tie designed with African print on the channel 4 news. The tie stands out as a cool fashion statement with it’s bold orange colour and circular shaped prints, whilst also maintaining a conservative appeal with straps of blue designs.


I think we’re in for more African prints in business and political settings as more and more designers target the workforce and the academic professionals in their collections.