Join the National Conference African Caribbean History Month Ireland for this years African Fashion Week Ireland. The event starts on the 20th of November and ends on the 24th. Please see the official leaflet for more details or visit the organisers official event page for  more.

African Fashion Week Ireland 2017

This event is one we’ve got our eyes on because of the many opportunity is presents to designers particularly new up and coming fashion professionals and fashion retailers.

A catwalk show will take place on the 24th of November 8pm – 12pm so try not to miss it!

Last year the event, then called Afro Fashion Week Ireland saw the raise of popularity on all things African in fabric prints and African fashion models. It really was a celebration of the best of African which was exhibited in a form of a competition. The competition showcased various materials from around the African continent, accessories, and fabrics.

Speaking to Susuana the head organiser of the event it’s clear that Ireland is going to have a glorious African Fashion week, because of all the resources and talents that will be available.