Best Ankara Jumpsuits to Inspire You

Best Ankara Jumpsuits are all about chic and style. Because I’m naturally draw to chic, class, fun and a bit of punk or edge, my picks will undoubtedly reflect that. But hopefully you’ll enjoy my top 5 best ankara jumpsuit style ideas and also find humour in my worst 5 ankara jumpsuits.

For the best ankara jumpsuit style I’m starting with this outfit completed with a white shirt. It speaks casual, class and fun.

  1. White shirt and casual chic

best ankara jumpsuits

2. Cool colours finished with nude heels

Best Ankara Jumpsuits number 2 has the outfit completed with a pair of nude heels. I mean can you thing of a more stylish look? Cause i can’t. The ankara print is also one I like. For this design, a focal point is introduced in the centre front, a great design trick for large and bold prints in ankara jumpsuits styles.

3. Edgy and stylish

Best Ankara Jumpsuit styles
Credit: Fashionpoliceng

Can’t go wrong in this…

4. Elegant slim cut will always deliver for any woman wearing to wear ankara jumpsuit this summer. I’ve seen it time and time again, the problem is a lot of us women are too self-conscious, myself included. But once you get over yourself, you reach new heights of style and you’re unstoppable.

once you get over yourself, you reach new heights of style

5. High fashion in businesses of the day. I love this 5th look because she’s clearly dressed up with her jewelries, handbag, red lipstick, and yes a gorgeous ankara jumpsuit

best ankara jumpsuit styles
Credit: Greennews

Best Ankara Jumpsuit Hacks

Best Ankara Jumpsuits Hack  1 – Use Belts whenever possible

Use Belts to accentuate your waistline. Stick to thin or medium width belts even if you’re large waisted, try and avoid the temptation to use large belts. For some reason doesn’t work with jumpsuits…except very rarely (there is always an exception, we know that)

Best Ankara Jumpsuits Hack 2 – Choose Ankara small prints

Choose Ankara small prints over large prints because the small prints look elongates the you in the outfit much more than larger prints. If you most wear large prints Ankara then use a focal point in the design. Most designers and dressmakers will use the centre front chest area for their focal point.

Hack 3 – Avoid horizontal shaped prints

If you want to look like you’re slimmer then avoid horizontal shapes and patterns in the design of your ankara jumpsuit.

Other hacks are covered in the article Ankara Jumpsuit Styles.

The five worst Ankara Jumpsuit style ideas are:

  1. I’m not sure what to say about this one in the image below. I think it misses the mark because the cream fabric has some sheen to it – bad idea. Collaborating satin with ankara need some thoughts behind it especially as the ankara material in this case looks like it’s cotton, and they traditionally are made of cotton. Have a look at our article on Why we love ankara so much! which goes into more detail about the ankara material.

2. This ankara jumpsuit below is an interesting design because if you look at the first photo, the closeup photo, you could quickly fall in love with this jumpsuit. But on second look, when you see the bottom part of it you soon realise that the choice of ankara print is so wrong for that lace. The reason why the material is a wrong choice is because the pattern gradually changes as it cascades downwards, making it look too busy for the eyes. imagine a waterfall. It’s a lot to take in, and that’s why the closeup left photo is so beautiful in contrast to the full shot image.

Best of Ankara Jumpsuit and the worst of them

Take a look…do you see it? …

3. Take a close look at this blue and ankara jumpsuit design, keep looking. Do you see a swimsuit shape in the bodice?

Best ankara jumpsuit styles and the worst ankara jumpsuits

Thats what’s wrong with it and that’s why it didn’t make it to 5 Best Ankara Jumpsuits. Instead it ended up here – 5 worst, and it needn’t be so.

This is a stunner in contrast!

Take a look at this stunning outfit on the left, of ankara jumpsuit with yellow sleeves. It’s a peplum style but the cut of the design is very well thought through.

Our number 3 worst ankara jumpsuit would have made best list if only the design didn’t have the V so low and with a different fabric for the peplum in contrast, which, and here is the key problem, also matches the sleeves.

No no no, not peplum matching sleeves with V shape waistline, that just screams swimsuit.


Options to fix this:

  1. Remove the V shape waist line

    Use bow on ankara jumpsuit
    Credit: Seyiadesina
  2. Instead of ankara for the peplum, use the same blue fabric as used for the bodice and the trousers.
  3. If you really want to have ankara added to the waist area, introduce a generous big belt that can be tied in a romantic bow style for elegance.
  4. A definite change to push this outfit up to best ankara jumpsuit list, would be to


This is a great example of a peplum design where everything works together so beautifully.

One simply fix we all need to know…

4. All that is need in this next outfit below is a belt. If the model simply introduces a narrow slim belt the look will be transformed instantaneously. This is a quick one time simple fix that most women sometimes forget, especially when it’s to do with Ankara and African print fashion

5. This ankara design is the wrong choice for a jumpsuit, unless one half of it, either the top half or bottom half was going to be a different colour. Even white colour top half or bottom half will do the trick, and could even move it up to best ankara jumpsuits top list…no really I mean it.

Best Ankara Jumpsuits and worst ideas

Why not send us your best ankara jumpsuit styles and your worst ankara jumpsuits. Or better still if you’re planning to wear ankara jumpsuit this summer, well send us a picture of you wearing it and we’re be more than happy to give suggestions of how best to wear it.  We always welcome your comments and please do share your thoughts below in the comment box.