Fashionable things to do are perhaps limitless for some of us but for others it’s a distant luxury of one’s time and effort – what, with all the busy-ness, school runs and deadlines to meet at work. Well, here is a quick list of 18 easy fashionable things you can do this year to enjoy more of fashion in 2018, and you don’t even have to do them all.

18 Fashionable Things to Do in 2018

  1. Try on different pairs of sunglasses at your favourite fashion store. Resist the temptation to go for only familiar shapes and colours. This time pick out a shape that you normally wouldn’t go for. Here in Nigerian Fashion TV most of us love big sunglasses, so I’d recommend those. They give a better shield from the sunlight, helping to save your eye area from premature ageing.

fashionable things to do - try on new sunglasses

2. Go to a cocktail party wearing a cocktail dress, all things done the proper way. You’re have a good laugh I promise.

3. Learn to tie a necktie or a bow tie and impress the men in your family and friends.

4. Take a friend with you to a perfumery tour and enjoy the experience. Learn about perfume making and how to choose a fragrance.


Image source: Bellanaija

Learn how to tie Gele head tie. It’s quite a skill to master and one that can save you money too! Follow this step by step guide from BellaNaija. And this is all you need to do with a little bit of your time invested in one evening this year, you gain a great fashionable skill.

6. Give some attention to those shoes that need fixing: take them to the cobbler, get them polished.

7. Start wearing sunscreen lotion. Start today! Don’t put it off any longer!!! The Nivea Sun Wear sunscreen lotion as part of fashionable things to doInvisible UVA 50 is a favourite. It’s a high UVA/UVB and it’s transparent so you don’t end up looking chalky like some sunscreens can make you look. It’s also water resistant.

8. Go see Balenciaga exhibition in Victoria & Albert museum if you’re in London, before the 18th of February. Ok admittedly this will be a stretch for anyone outside of Europe, so as a substitute, visit a fashion exhibition/gallery near you.

9. Do waist training this year. If this is something you’ve always wanted to do, then start now. Buy a corset online at amazon and make a start. And if it’s something you’ve wondered about, then make this the year to try it out.

10. Get your exact clothing body measurement done for you by a professional couturier or tailor. Even if you can’t afford to have a toile made for you, at least you can get a complete accurate measurement done properly so that you can choose the right dress sizes to fit you better.

A great fashionable thing to do is to look your best. An accurate dress measurement gives your dress a million dollar look on you!

11.  Invest in a piece of fine jewellery this year as part of your fashionable things to do. Look for an item that appreciates in value such as gold earrings or a silver necklace. Diamonds will also make for a great buy. You’ll be so happy you did by the end of the year because it doesn’t tarnish or go down in value – hopefully 🙂

12. Declutter your wardrobe. Come on, we all need a bit of declutter. And unfortunately some needing it more than others. So make this year a season of declutter. Give away clothes and shoes you haven’t worn in a long time.

13. Connect with Like-minded fashionistas who have a positive outlook in life.

14. Visit Paris

15. Visit The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York city. This trip, like the Victoria & Albert Museum trip, will be a well worth event for your 18 fashionable things to do this year. Both museums are packed with memorable fashion historic items. If you can’t get to the Met in New York then visit their virtual tour online.

16. Go to a fashion show.

17. Read a fashion book. A good one is always a book about your favourite iconic fashion designer. 18 fashionable things to do in 2018 - read a book

18. Finally but by no means the least of them, use technologies and apps to help you do fashionable things, and keep up to date with fashion. For instance if you’re a fashion designer, download sketching apps to help you sketch and doodle down your ideas, or if you’re a fashion boutique owner download apps such as SAKS Fifth Avenue to easily see what’s trending.